Increase Democratic Intelligence of the People at Bulan Village, Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara By Empowerment Church Basic Community

  • Fransiskus Sales Lega Indonesian Chatolic University of Saint Paul
##semicolon## democratic intelligence, empowerment, church basic community


Democracy is a system of government with controlling power held by the people. Indonesia is one of the country  in the world that follow democracy system. Reformation movement in 1998 brought a significant changing for democracy system ini Indonesia. The implementation of the reformation movement is decentralization of power. The implication is the people simply to control power of their representatives. The idealism like this will be realize if the people have full of knowledge dan high awareness about their role in nation state building. From the results of the initial survey it was found that the people at Bung-Bulan Village, Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara have lack of knowledge dan low of awareness about politic or democracy. Those facts are very dangerous or very bad for democracy building in Indonesia. Those facts make perpetuate elite domination in politic, moreover they will become politic instrument of the elite. Therefore, there should be effors to overcome those problems. This Community Service Program (Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat-PkM) on the increasing democratic intelligence by empowerment church basic community is offered as a solution to overcome the problem lack of knowledge dan low of awareness about politic or democracy. The empowerment is done by giving knowledges about politic or democracy dan reinforcing assets of church basic community as social movement. As a result, knowledge and awareness of the people in Bung-Bulan Village increase, active participate in general election, have high commitment to obey money politics, grow a new awareness about participation in controlling government power, and appearing a new understanding obout the existence of church basic community is not only as faith institution, but also as forum for social movement in grass root


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