Lesson Study as an Innovation for Improving Learning Quality

  • Asterius Juano STKIP SANTU PAULUS
  • Mariana Jediut Indonesian Chatolic University of Saint Paul
  • Zephisius R. E. Ntelok Indonesian Chatolic University of Saint Paul
##semicolon## lesson study, teacher, learning quality


The quality of the learning process is inseparable from the ability of teachers as planners, implementers, facilitators, and also as evaluators. The effort can be made to improve the quality of learning with the implementation of lesson study. The purpose of this community service activity aimed to the formated of a learning society that consistently and systematically carries out self-improvement, both at the individual and managerial level. The method of implementing this service activity is to socialize the lesson study to the teachers of SMP N IV Langke Rembong, then implement it following the method of implementing lesson study, namely planning, implementation, and reflection. The results of this activity are that teachers can collaborate with their colleagues to design chapters and design lessons, and teachers can carry out learning in the classroom by promoting active, creative, effective, innovative and enjoyable learning.


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