Preparation of Indonesian Language Curriculum for OFM Pagal Postulates, Cibal, Manggarai

  • Antonius Nesi Indonesian Chatolic University of Saint Paul
  • Bonefasius Rampung Indonesian Chatolic University of Saint Paul
##semicolon## Indonesian language curriculum, non-formal education, OFM Postulate


This Community Service Activity (PkM) was held at Sint Yoseph Pagal Monastery, Nenu, Cibal, Manggarai. The purpose of this PkM is to compile the Indonesian Language curriculum for the OFM Pagal Postulate educational institution. In implementing PkM several methods are used, namely the study of documents, interviews, and questionnaires. Document studies are used to review documents from the OFM Order and official state documents relating to the preparation and development of curriculum, especially the Indonesian Language curriculum. Interviews are used to analyze learner needs. The questionnaire is used to dig up information about the variety of learner needs. The main target of this PkM is a quality and applicable Indonesian language curriculum product for the OFM Pagal Postulate educational institution. This PKM activity produces 5 (five) components of the Indonesian language curriculum for the OFM Pagal Postulate, namely (1) profile of graduates, (2) study material, (3) curriculum structure, (4) competency distribution of Indonesian subjects, (5) syllabus and semester learning plans, and (6) assessment systems.



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