Religious Education Practices to Non Catholic Students in Katolik Basic School, Kupang City

  • Femberianus Sunario Tanggur Program Studi PGSD STKIP CITRA BINA NUSANTARA
  • Yulsy M Nitte STKIP Citra Bangsa Nusantara
##semicolon## educational practice, tolerance, religion, non-catholic students


Intolerant and religious politics cannot be interpreted as interim problem in the diversity of religions in Indonesia. These problems are latent and resistant to happen. It is caused by the basic pre condition that every single religion has its dogmatic aspect which is not debatable; cannot be conditioned with other religious existence and not easy to be discussed. Our duty is to build safe and peace for together life style; how to encourage the pluralistic community  who consider the pluralism as usual. School as a place to implement the message of tolerance act for students with different religion, tribe, race, and group. The research method used was descriptive qualitative using data collecting techniques that include observation, interview, questionnaire, and document study. The data analysis used was the model of B. Mathew Miles and A. Michael Huberman. It included data reduction, data display and conclusion/verification. The results of the study: firstly, generally, in daily activities, there were no discrimination. Secondly, all Catholic elementary schools in Kota Kupang obligated all students to join Catholic education lesson. Thirdly, it was necessary to promote the instruction of Sisdiknas (National Educational System) and persuasive approach issued by government, so that all catholic schools in Kota Kupang can redesign the policy that obligate all students to join catholic education.


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