• Yohanes Servatius Lon STKIP Santu Paulus Ruteng
Keywords: Catholic Church, Canon Law, People of God, Ruteng Diocese


The Code of Canon Law (KHK) is a Catholic Church law book that regulates the guidelines for Christians to live in faith for the bonum communae. In this book the rights and obligations of every believer are regulated, as well as their roles and responsibilities as the member of the people of God. It also regulates legal assistance and pastoral assistance for people who have problems or have legal cases in relation to fellow believersand with the Church. It also contains sanctions for people who commit violations or are not loyal to their obligations. Knowledge of good and adequate KHK will help the community to live in good Catholic way and to resolve any legal conflicts experienced. Because the knowledge of the people in Ruteng Diocese regarding KHK was considered very minimal and limited, it was necessary to do a Community Service Program (PkM) to increase their knowledge and awareness of this KHK. The program was carried out with 6 approaches: liturgical, religious, legal, cultural, pedagogical and personal approaches. It was done within two periods of time: the short and long term. As a result, there has been a change in knowledge and awareness for the people involved in this activity. With the strengthening of people's literacy in the field of law, the people of God has begun to realize the actions they must take if they are related to Church legal cases.


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